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Unilever Leadership Internship Program


*blows trumpet, eats firecrackers*

What-a-2013 we have just passed together! Have you made your #resolutions for 2014?

I haven't made one because of this lol

Anyways, starting from January 2nd, I will be officially working in Unilever Indonesia as Human Resource Intern in Leadership and Development Department -gimme hi five?- in Unilever Leadership Internship Program or as widely known as ULIP

luscious poster, highlighting intern who eats ice cream together :")

As promised from last posts, I would like to share my experience about ULIP, mostly about its phases. For those of you people who haven't known Unilever before, it is a Multinational Consumer Goods Company. Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal health care (eg: Pepsodent, Citra, Ponds, Blue Band, etc).

ULIP itself is an internship experience that allows you to work in a cross function team on specific projects. You will be placed in a team where you can learn from your peers, your line managers, and senior leaders that will help you develop your skills and competencies. This Internship is opened for 3rd year student and provides them with 5 different functions to work in, ranging from Marketing, Supply Chain, Customer DevelopmentFinance and Human Resource. 
I found about this program from my club's Facebook Group, a year ago. But then, because of one reason led to another, I skipped the opportunity. But thankfully, a friend of mine who got in, told me about this batch's ULIP recruitment. So, without second thought, I applied for the program right away for 2 functions, Human Resource as my first preference and Marketing as my second preference.
"But you're from Computer Science, how come?"
"You got in as HR but you're an IT student right?"
"Didn't they choose the interns based on their major?"
We'll get there in a bit

So what were the processes that I had to go through? 


In the beginning (around June-ish?), I was asked to fill some forms in Google Docs. More like a CV kinda-thing, but it's more complex. I filled the form for about 2 hours (you probably can do it faster though). Reason was, because there were essays that I needed to complete in the end of the application form. And it's not a regular question like "tell us about yourself". Some of the examples were like 
"What are your proudest achievements?" 
"What is your major disappointment in life?"
"What is your most significant leadership experience?"
Not only that, I was asked the reason why I chose my function preference and my expectation upon it. It was hard. Why? First, it's in Google Docs format, which you can't save and work for it later, or procrastinate it. You need to complete it until the very last page, right at that very moment. Second, the essay seems to be simple, but you really need to explain your answer in a brief and short paragraph, and make sure that the recruiters are able to understand your points. Remember, be honest about yourself, don't make up things that are not even real / existed. Be confident of who you are in filling those forms okay? 

Finally, after 4 months, I got an email that I was invited to Focus Group Discussion and Interview Session. Out of 600 applicants-ish, I got into top 12 with another 11 applicants. I was a bit confused at that moment though, because last year, a friend of mine, Janet Valentina had to to Numerical and Logical Reasoning test, known as Aptitude Test (go check my #RECAP post for more details about the test) before this phase. So, I automatically arrived in the second phase which was..


We were gathered at Graha Unilever on December 4th, 2013. There were 12 people from different Universities, mostly from UI, Atma Jaya, Binus, and Petra. We were divided into 2 different groups consisted of 6 people. For 1 hour, we were asked to analyze Business Case that was handed to us. The case highlighted different problems faced by 5 different functions mentioned above, and we needed to solve which function that was relevant to the whole case. Another 45 minutes, we discussed the best solution to overcome the problem stated in the case. 

Don't you ever dream to be dominant in this phase. Why? 

Let me give you a little secret about FGD. The main purpose of FGD is to analyze different approaches used by people in stating his/her arguments in a group. It's not a shut-up-i'm-way-smarter-than-you show. Believe me, you don't wanna cause a scene. When you're being too dominant/pushy/hard-headed in letting your arguments to be accepted in a group, the supervisor will see you as someone who doesn't want to cooperate and accept other people's ideas. The real key is "knowing when to open your mouth". Don't keep your opinion to yourself because your contribution in the problem's solvency also play huge role in determining whether you're in the next phase or not. Also important, make sure that your dialogue is still on the right track, when it shifts, put it back on track. Just be calm and assertive, and you'll be just fine

Long story short, I got into the next phase. The Interview *dun dun dun* with 2 other people (UI and Petra Christian University)


The moment that I've been waiting for. The Interview. I was interviewed by 3 different Human Resource staffs who were very intimidating. Janet said that the interview she had was fun. But in my interview, it went 180' than what Janet had experienced. My interview went really tense to be honest, because the interviewers really dug out the reason why I wanted to have an internship in Unilever Indonesia. After my short introduction, I was asked about the reason I chose HR instead of Marketing as my first preference, and what criteria is needed to select the best employee in a company as a HR.  I was also given a case to put priority level based on 3 different projects in HR. No question about my achievements nor my organizational experience, nothing. 

The key is to this kind of interview is to be calm yet firm. Be true to yourself. They will know when you're lying with your made up answers. Just answer every question with your perspective. It's also important to have a research about the company you're applying to (like its values, its vision and mission, and its programs) so when they ask about it, you will be prepared for it *which I didn't do* *sad*

I went home thinking that I blew everything up. But then, a week later, I got an email confirming that I was accepted as one of 3 HR interns in Unilever Indonesia. YAY. 

Am I done? Not really. The last phase


It was the last phase that I needed to go through before being accepted officially by Unilever Indonesia. I needed to have 8 hours of fasting before the medical checkup. In the medical checkup, I was having my blood, urine, heart, eye, ear, mouth test-pretty much every single part of my body was being-tested (wrong phrase...) So make sure that you don't have any addictive substance in your body, because they will know. You can't be color blind as well, they tested me for it. So, make sure that you are in your best stamina before having the medical checkup.

Weeks went by, I thought that I failed the medical checkup. But on 23rd of December, I got an email. This email

I'll begin my journey starting from tomorrow. Wish me luck peeps! Pray for me so I won't screw anything on my first day of work though lol. Nevertheless, I hope that my post will help you in applying for ULIP application that will be opened next April. Good luck!

Till Next Post


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  1. Good luck Marcel for the internship^^

  2. Hallo, saya sedang google-google tentang ULIP dan ketemu blog ini. Boleh tanya-tanya mengenai bagaimana pengalaman internshipnya nggak?

    1. hi! apology for replying so late as I just opened my blog haha. ada yang bisa saya bantu? :)

  3. Hi Edwin !
    Saya juga sedang menunggu hasil MCU test untuk ULIP, boleh sharing pengalamnnya selama internship di Unilever?