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"You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover nor a man by his appearance, but let’s face the harshness of reality: We all do it. We make decisions about people within the first few seconds of meeting them while we spend the next few minutes trying to validate our initial impressions.

Hey mate, I'd like to say a

Happy Merry Belated Christmas

everyone!. I wish you had a wonderful christmas. And we're 2 days short of 2014!

These days, in our overcrowded and highly competitive world, the only way to be remembered is to really stand out. Being able to make a lasting impression on people is one of the single most important talents one can attain in life.

Putting more thought into your appearance however is one of the easiest ways to improve your social prospects and the way people see you. There’s also more to it then just dressing well, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be noticed for your graceful attire. The truth is that people are constantly going to be looking at what you are wearing and how you are wearing it. If they notice something they like or respect, they will remember it and in turn remember you.

A considerable amount of you now are probably saying, “I could care less what people think of me”. And to be fair, I myself am no flag pole, standing short as a 5”2 (158cm) guy, I realize how hard it is to find proper clothing for me to look good. Because most men’s clothing lines are designed for those who are at least 5”7 (170cm). So, due to that painful fact, couple of years ago I ignored the way that I looked whenever I go out, because I believe that neither shirt nor pants will look good on me. But then a friend of mine said 
"no matter how short, fat, or unattractive you are, there is no excuse to ignore the way you look, the moment you step out of your room".
That's simply because you will never know who you are going to meet, where you are going to meet them, and most importantly, when you are going to meet them. The mystery within these concepts is just another reason why you should always be on your "A game" when it comes to your daily get-up. Whether you are going to work, to a party, to an event, or even down the street to your campus, you need to find a way to look sharp.

When I talk about looking better, there are two degrees of this. The first is to just get yourself looking half-decent and eliminate any blatant appearance-related mistakes. I'd have a hard time arguing that someone shouldn't at least do this. There aren't any downsides at all to it.

The second level would be to put the effort into becoming more fashionable than average. There are a lot of benefits to doing this, but it takes more work. You have to learn about clothes and style, devote time to shopping, and possibly spend more money. 

You may think you don't know much about fashion, but you likely have an idea deep down about what looks good. A rigid self-image can make it hard to admit to yourself that you can wear these attractive clothes yourself. And please, Don't judge anything until you try it on and see if it looks good on you. Many clothes look a lot better than you'd think from just seeing them hanging on the rack or sitting folded up on a table.

For me personally, I have always things to notify for about clothing, and they are

Don't wear the same outfit two days or more in a row.
Don't keep wearing your clothes after they've become ratty or faded.
Don't wear clothes that are overly wrinkled. 
Don't keep wearing an item if you've dirtied or stained it. 
Don't wear shirts that are too big and baggy, or too small and tight. 
Don't wear white socks with dark shoes and vice versa. 
Don't wear socks with sandals. NEVER. 

Here are some of my 2013 Campus and Semi-Formal looks 


Campus Look #1 | Yellow Shirt by POLO | Jacket by TX | He by Mango Jeans | Oxford Zara 
Campus Look #2 | Denim by UNIQLO | GAP tee | Levi's 501 Jeans | Converse 
Campus Look #3 | Mint Denim by TX | Coconut Island Tee
Campus Look #4 |  Red V Long Sleeve by TX | He by Mango Jeans | Zara Oxford | Duffle Bag 
Campus Look #5 | Brown Shirt by H&M | GAP Tee | Levi's 501 | Converse

Semi Formal #1 | TX Jacket | Zara White Shirt and Green Tie | Zara Teal Trouser| Pedro Oxford Shoes

Semi Formal #2 |  TX Premium White Shirt | Tie bought in SG | Ambrogio Sweater | He by Mango Jeans | Pedro Oxford Shoes 
Semi Formal #3 | Fred Perry Shirt | Bershka Long Sleeve Sweater | Esprit Watch

Semi Formal #4 | Unbranded Blazer | Salt&Pepper Shirt | The Executive Pants | Pedro Oxford Shoes
Semi Formal #5 | TX Jacket | Bershka Tee | Levi's 501 | Converse

So always remember: Before you walk out that door, stop, look in the mirror one last time and ask yourself, “Do I look good? and Do I feel good? Because 

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered” – Giorgio Armani

PS: I guess I'll make more of fashion post for my 2014 blog resolution lol

Till Next Post


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