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Hey people! It's been a while since my last -introduction- post which wasn't necessary, but I had to, since everyone seems to be doing that on their blog haha

Well, we're just 3 days short from Christmas (the best holiday, like ever) and 10 days short from letting 2013 to go away. This post is just a random post (but with certain purpose) to tell you all how my 2013 treated me so far. 

We like to say "[insert month], please be nice" but have you ever thought that it's not about how months are treating you, but more on how you treat them.

I had a lot of thoughts and comparisons, on how 2013 has changed my life. Because this year personally for me is a year of accomplishment. I always thought that "what I have is not enough", but when I revisited every month, every post on twitter, every picture that I have grouped in specific folder by month, I realized. I got so many things to be grateful of. Have you revisit your own months?

2013 for me is also about self-proving. And my 2013 is full of surprises. Wanna know why? Let's start from

  • The beginning. Had college in my 6th semester. And everything went well. 
  • I also got a chance to host JURNAL19 Anniversary with my partner, Rindu Puspakasih on Binus TV

  • Had the best Sincia with BNEC! We played Running-Man in Plaza Senayan and Senayan City with a set of clues that we needed to collect. It was fun!

  • Back again to THE2013AEO after a disappointing performance in THE2012AEO last year. Became the leader in the Tabulation from OctoFinals until the Semifinal, and ended up as the 2nd Runner Up and Best Live Reporter. I managed to beat Phillipines and Malaysian participants! Best moment was when Arief Suditomo (senior news Anchor from RCTI) told me that my performance was flawless, and he offered me a job in RCTI shortly after. Ah, and I finally fulfilled my promise to Dalton Tanonaka (senior news anchor from MetroTV) that I'm going to interview him on the Grand Final, and I did! 
  • Just a day after the Grand Final of THE2013AEO, I woke up the day after at 5 AM to join ALSAUNPAD2013 in Bandung. Same field, Newscasting. Funny thing, we were supposed to study news script that was given weeks before, but the committee didn't inform us to study it. Screwed right? And the first round began in the very first day. Thank God I managed to overcome my fears, and came out with the highest score (330, and the margin was like 40 with the 2nd best score!) in the preliminary round. Performed the performance on my life (yes, it was, everything was so smooth) in the Final. Found out that I won the 1st place, and it was mind-blowing!
  • Got a Call to do Interview with Microsoft for MACH (Internship Program) in Microsoft Singapore for 6 months starting from June! But because some reasons, I had to let the opportunity go away :")
  • Got into StudentsXCEO selection program, passing the FGD and Interview phase. But because other priorities, had to let it go, again
  • Outing Program with BNEC! We went to Bandung and stayed at Villa Ungu. We had rafting, and paintball games! We stayed for 2 days and 1 night. Spent around 300k, but it was worth every penny

  • Did my project, Astra1st Enhance - Train - Challenge or AstraETC (as one of the requirements of my scholarship from PT Astra International) in Trisakti School of Management involving more than 700 people! The event consisted of Seminar, Workshop, Training and Business Case Challenge for selected applicants. And it went great! 
  • Continued the journey to Binus University, in Astra1st Binus. The event involved more than 500 people. The difference was, we got Leadership Camp for 2 days in Binus Square. And the reception was beyond expectation!


  • Nothing special this month, a month break of crazy activities. Just had a chance to have a meet up with JHS besties with Ifka, Yonathan, and Desi 
  • Got the chance to attend Binus University - Appreciation Day. A special day given by Binus to students with National and International Achievements (like 'Mapres Night' kalo di kampus lain).
  • BNEC Birthday Party in HOTTENCOLE Bar, PIK! And got several awards lol


  • The Month of having fun! Had a lot of meetings with SHS mates, and College mates. Fat fat tummy, from Sands Dimsum Restaurant, McD, Starbucks, Harvest, Bamboo Dimsum, JCo, and many more!
  • My 21st! I am officially an Adult! Spent it with my besties in college by treating them.

  • The month of establishment. on 14th. I am in a relationship with Eleonora Nicky!
  • Becoming Event Coordinator of BNEC Farewell Party

  • Back to ECOM2013 with vengeance. Ended up in 4th place as well as getting The Most Favorite Newscaster in ECOM2012. This year, had a rocky start by placing 12th in Top 20. But turned the tables by topping the tabulation in Octo - Semifinals. And ended up as 1st Runner Up. I finally conquered Binus ECOM! (joined the competition for 3 years in a row :") ) We also got The Overall Champion for 3 years in a row!
  • Reunited again with Astra1st Family. Extended my scholarship for another year, yet I had to become a mentor for newly elected Astra1st Batch 3. We had so much fun in Puncak together

  • Made a surprise for my buu. Happy 20th dear
  • Concert! Attended Java Soulnation 2013 for 4 years in a row to watch the Mighty Karmin, Westlife's Shane Fillan and Far East Movement, with some Indonesian line-ups as well. Last year's line-up was better
  • Got 2 good news in one day. Made it as Unilever Future Leaders' League 2013 Top 30 from all across Indonesia, and got into top 200 of Merry Riana Campus Ambassador 2013


  • The busiest month ever. Had to hold BNEC Farewell Party as a Coordinator of the event, thank God everything ran smoothly though we had some techical difficulties along the way, but the review was great! (from BNEC BoMs twitter posts :p) 
  • A day after, I joined 2 different competitions in 2 weeks in a row. Meaning? I had to skip all classes on that weeks. Nonetheless, in the first week of November, I joined IndonesiaMUN as delegation of Singapore with Kalyana Dewi. Though we didn't win anything, but the experience was awesome. We had a lot of laugh, before, during, and after the conference!

  • Shortly after, I joined one of the best competitions in my life. Held by Unilever Indonesia, one of the most admired FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies in the world. It's my first business competition so I was a bit nervous. Joined the competition with my best friend, Natalia as representatives from BinusThe 30 selected individuals were invited to a five day U-Camp in Unilever Learning Center in Megamendung. Once entering the U-Camp, we were grouped into 10 diverse teams and compete to represent Indonesia in the Global Future Leaders LeagueOver the course of five day competition (U-Camp), we got to experience leadership and business challenges within the fast moving consumer goods industry, particularly in Unilever. We competed on a real business challenge and convince senior business leaders of Unilever Indonesia. More details of the event on the next post. :)


  • Went 3 of the most defining moments this year. First one is about my thesis. Me and my team have reach the 3rd chapter, but we're still unsure of our own thesis progress. But turned out, when our thesis was being revised, we got great reviews by our Lecturer. We got minor revision, and he told us that everything is safe to be brought in our Thesis Defense on February next year! #fingerscrossed
  • I went through Unilever Leadership and Internship Program, Focus Group Discussion and Interview Phase. Being grouped with 12 different candidates including le Girlfriend and le Best Friend. And after couple of days, found out that I become one of 3 Human Resource - Leadership and Development Interns in Unilever Indonesia! More details on the next post :)

  • And finally, not long ago, I reached the last phase of Merry Riana Campus Ambassador 2014 - Batch 2. Out of 3000 applicants from all across Indonesia, I managed to become one of top 180 finalists. The selection phases were a bit different with what I usually experienced. We were being judged by our performance in some of group sessions, on how we give our contributions in the group. It was a unique experience, when you get to know Merry Riana up close, and have the chance to talk to her personally. She's very humble and warm. For this one, I'm still waiting the result, whether I make it as one of 60 Merry Riana Campus Ambassadors. Fingers crossed hard for this one :)

There, there. My 2013 in a glimpse. Sometimes, it's good to actually gather your moments, and organize it neatly so it'll be easier for you to remember your own moments. And yes, at time like this, before we close 2013, why don't you try to revisit your own 2013? I'm sure that you'll have more moments and things to be grateful of. And remember, 

-it's not how months are treating you, but it's more on how you treat the months-

Till next post


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