UNIQLO Holiday Sale Review

Heya peeps! How's your first week of 2014? Anyhoo, I just go back from UNIQLO Holiday Sale at Mal Taman Anggrek a couple of days ago. And honest to God, if I had all the money in the world, I would like to empty all men's section haha. Not everything was on sale though. For men's top, the price started from 130.000, while for men's jeans, started from 199.000. Men's outer was also on sale, starting from 149.000. As for shorts, started from 99.000.

I ended up my shopping spree with a faux leather jacket, a black tee, and an ill fitting jeans from UNIQLO. And here's how it looks like on my body. Ah, if you buy any pants from UNIQLO more than 300.000, you can cut your jeans for free :D

By the time I write this post, I'm currently working on my thesis at the moment :/ 
Hope you guys have a lovely weekend to spend! Adios!

UNIQLO Faux Leather Jacket | Black Tee | Jeans 
Pedro Oxford Shoes

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