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National Gallery of Singapore

Hello there peeps! 

Don't burn me just yet, it's just - the year has been undeniably tough for me to walk in plus, work got in the way, even on weekend. But worry not, am back and would devote at least a week to turn all those drafts to something worth reading.

So this post would be about my last trip to Singapore. So after I indulged myself with fancy installations at the ArtnScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands complex, I continued my artsy trip to some galleries and museums the next day. Being a sucker for galleries and museums, I knew that I just couldn't miss the National Gallery of Singapore and boy did I not regret my decision. 

I decided to go to the National Gallery of Singapore since I've seen a lot of my favorite influencers that I follow on Instagram post their travel photos here. I got out of my hotel early in the morning so that I would have an empty gallery for me to browse and take picture around and I made the right decision. The gallery opens from 9 - 10 AM in the morning and it was empty as heck. So without wasting any time, I took the opportunity to roam around the gallery. The admission fee was a bit pricey though. Same like ArtnScience, this gallery has a general and special exhibition sections in which you have to pay extra if you want to see the latter. I couldn't remember how much it was but I guess it's around SGD 30 for all access.

Enjoy the awesome architecture that this gallery offers, and no, I didn't take pictures of all the paintings and sculptures. I hope you like this as much as I do. See you on the next post!

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  1. Glad I came across to your blog. I love visiting national gallery or museum,this makes me feel to visit this place also someday.