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Another Resolution

Hey peeps. Here we are again, 4 months after my last post on September 2014.

It's been a while- like a while. Can you believe that I spent three whole days to think about what to write as my first post in 2015?

To start off, I would like to conclude that my 2014 wasn't as good as my 2013 *sadface*

Say what you wanna say, but truth be told, 2014 was indeed, a really tough year for me to beat. Here were my 12 months all about in a glimpse:
  1. Endless internships
  2. Thesis preparation - Thesis defense  
  3. Graduation
  4. Job Application 
  5. Work
Nothing interesting and worth blogging though. It's just one of those days you know? But anyways, let's get to the main purpose of this post based on its title.

As we step into 2015, I can see people make esoteric resolutions for the year ahead. These range from ‘getting the best job’ to ‘traveling the world’ to ‘getting married’ to ‘running a marathon’ and to anything you can think of. But then again, when you think the word "New Year Resolution", they seemed like a forced, trite way to make a change in our life don't they? If I really wanted to change, why would I wait around for January First? I figured I'd be better off just making sporadic changes throughout the year.

Well, that strategy hasn't always served me well. Waiting until I "felt ready" to change often enabled me to push aside goals that were important to me but not time-sensitive goals -- like learning photography with a new camera I bought -- in favor of more time-sensitive goals, like making next week's brunch plans with friends. Then I got fed up by constantly pushing my goals back. I really did want to change. I decided to really commit to creating solid New Year's resolutions and it actually worked. By putting specific, time-bound goals in place, I was much more likely to achieve them.

As for resolution- I won't make vague, unrealistic resolutions cause I've learned my lesson. This post is also meant for me to share my 'fun' resolutions and I won't share my 'serious-meticulously thought' resolution cause I'd like to keep my personal resolutions for my own :)

So, here are my fun (and 1 serious) resolutions that I think I can complete in 2015 (with minimum target)


Most of my friends know that I'm a huge fan of coffee shops or any cafes in Jakarta. When we hang out, that means that we're going have to move from one cafe to another, and I'll be the megabitch who asks my friends to join me in cafe hopping. Reason are, I always cherish good time to sit and chill with my friend, while sipping good coffee or have brunch with in a nice, well lit with good ambiance cafe. PS: so I have more things to write about :p

Top to Bottom: Traffique Coffee Senayan | Clea Tea Bar and Lounge Kemang | Kaffeine SCBD | Nanny's Pavillon Central Park | Koultoura Coffee | Black House Kebayoran


To me, blogging resembles the effort of working out: 
"You've got to do it consistently to see great results" 
You can't just publish once every few months and expect to rack up the views, lead, and customers.

If you're struggling to keep a tight editorial calendar, then commit to blogging consistently this year. It doesn't matter if you decide to blog every two weeks, every week, or every day -- the point here is to pick a frequency you think you can accomplish, and stick to it. Once you develop a solid, reliable cadence, then you can work on increasing the volume. I will definitely blog more about food and men's fashion this year, and I mean it


You know what they say, when your pants don't fit you anymore, time to get new pants. But not me. Getting pants mean more money to spend. By the time you start working to make money, you tend to be a cheapskate, even in buying clothes for your own lol. I gained weight like crazy and I need to cut it down, fast.

I did join gym a while ago, but I decided to quit. I also like to run, joined a couple of 5K running events last year as well. Thus, by February, I'm going to sign myself up for gym, and I'll be running at least once a week. Time to adjust my schedule!


If you follow my Instagram, you know that I'm always into interior design, fashion, nature, and travel pics. And if you're familiar with Instagram pics look and feel, you do know that it's always posted in 1:1 format, as well as using supported app like Snapseed or VSCO Cam. I want to make my instagram grid to look like one, and I'm currently honing my skill to be one good instagram photographer. No time limit for this resolution :) 

5. GET PROMOTED (IN 6 Months)

So if you've read my blog for quite some time, you already know that I'm currently working as a Public Relations consultant in one of the most respected PR Consultancies in Indonesia at the moment. I really enjoy my time working there. The workload, the environment, the people - love em! But that means, I need to step up my game since I'm working with amazing, hardworking people and I'm ready to do it. Here's to a better life!

To end, I know that 2015 will be a lot tougher than 2014 and I'm trying my best to live up to it. Is it just me or are you feeling the same?

Which of these resolutions will you make this year? Let me know in the comment.

Till Next Post


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