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Wadaaap peeps

Ever had the situation where you didn't really know what to wear when you go to work? If so, then we're on the same page. Truthfully, it's not only a girl's problem when it comes to choose your own apparel to go to work. Because for me personally, I don't want to look like I just put whatever I can find on my closet, in a short amount of time, and go to work straight ahead. Ehm, that's just not.. me

What I love about working in Unilever is, you can definitely wear almost everything- and I mean everything to the office. Let me correct what 'everything' means here. Shirts like, Polo / Short sleeve shirt can be wore to the office, heck even you can wear a jumper / tshirt to go to the office. How fun is that? 

When I'm on my mood to look fan-see, I put on some blazer on, then paired it with some nice jeans and some nice oxford. But when my lazy mode is switched on, I just put on my jumper, lousy jeans, then head straight to the office. It's all about your work anyway. But bear in mind, be conscious of what you wear as well. Since you have no idea how big the chances are for you to have lunch-meeting with some high-end corporate guys, and you don't want to be looking like you live in a slum haha

So, this is one of my attires a couple of days ago. Yes, if you follow my instagram (@edwinmarcel) it's a graduation gift from mum and dad that I have been lusting for over 2 weeks now :p. And this post is taken in front of my office's lobby haha. How convenient. 

Black Slim Fit Shirt - The Executive
Belt - Zara
Jeans - Uniqlo
Oxfords - Imported from Korea
Bag - Mont Blanc

photos were taken by Janet Valentina

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