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Things to look out after Graduation

Hey peeps! How are you doing? I hope you all are fine and January went as what you have expected, and I hope that you made the most out of your January :)

Here we are in the 1st week of February, and little did I know, I haven't posted blog post for the past 2 weeks in January because I was too busy with my own works, and Final Exams :") But since I have the mood to blog, let's blog then ~

So, long story short, in my campus, the most awaited date of the year has been posted. 

The Thesis Defense Day

Couple of my friends have gotten their thesis defense day, and it not only freaked them out, it freaked me out too! Meaning that I will soon get my own thesis defense schedule, and I'll be graduating really really soon. Yet, I'm still waiting for my schedule to be released. Ah, the agony.

So, for those of you who are going to graduate (or even already have), have you made your "things to look out for" plans after graduating? I've crafted mine, and today imma give you some advice on how to face your life post graduation.

1. Get Your Sh*t Together
Yes, this is the most generic piece of advice anyone can give. Seriously, though, get your stuffs together. You can’t go out five nights a week anymore. If you rage like you did while you were in college in the real world, and are not physically and mentally exhausted during every waking moment, you’re probably an alcoholic or have some sort of super-evolved, metabolically advanced liver, and if that’s the case you should contact some sort of scientist so we can clone it. Either way, people aren't impressed with how much you can drink or how much you can spend by hanging out anymore. People get concerned about this “substance abuse” crap all the time in the real world, and it could end up costing you big time. Get your sh#t together.
2. Don’t Go Changin’
People get older and less fun with every day. College ending doesn’t mean that much. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you have to grow up. You’re still 22 or 23 with a gigantic chunk of your life left. Is that horrifying? Yes. Does it have to be? Not really. Get a little bit more responsible, but still have fun. Just because you have a “job” doesn’t mean you can’t be awesome. Go have loads of fun at happy hour (and by this I mean Karaoke session lol), play around with your new soon-to-be office mate, buy awesome things with all the money you have, and figure our what you want to do with your life when you’re 30.
3. Stay in Touch
Graduation is like the origination of the universe. A big bang. You and your friends are going to be spread out across the country, and all of the sudden you might find yourself in a city with one or two friends while all of your other friends are scattered around. The thought of making new friends nauseates you, as protocol for making friends after graduation can be a chore in itself, mostly because you’re probably going to have to do it sober. Hit the road in the year after graduation to visit your old friends, visit new cities, get really close with them, embracing things you had with them in College. You will spend your future Monday through Friday with people you don’t like at your job, so spend a weekend with those whose company you enjoy.
4. Embrace Being Cut Off
The most horrifying moment for me after college is getting cut off by my parents, but I believe it will a valuable lesson. I barely knew how to handle the money that my parents gave me in college, and now they expect me to learn how to handle my own? Just learn how to run your expenses each month, don’t buy stupid stuffs, and whatever you do, don’t ever go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Otherwise, you’ll see a grocery bill higher your own future salary lol (I did :") .
5. Know How to Pick Your Own Club
A wise man once said “no man is a failure who has friends.” I find that statement to be incredibly true, but also incredibly bullshit. Of course, everyone has a friend or two that are down on their luck, and you‘d like to help them out. That‘s fine. You‘re a human. Be human. However, if this person is unable to find and hold a job, always mooching for dinner, drinks and pretty much anything else for an extended period of time, cut them out. Also, if you think someone just sucks as a person, even if they do have their stuff together, disassociate with them. The quality of friends becomes much more important than the quantity of friends you have as you get older. We’re all adults here, so stop answering their calls, ignore their texts and talk about them behind their back like a normal person.
That's just my 2 cents of life after graduation. What do you think? Do you have your own things to do after graduation? Let me know on the comment section below :)

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